Get Restful Sleep Each Night for Pennies with Serenity Calming Blend Essential Oil

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Natural Solution to Better Sleep is Possible

Surprisingly one day during a routine examination, my Dentist asked me if I’m getting enough sleep. I was a little shocked! “What does that have to do with my teeth,” I wondered aloud? She explained that I exhibited signs of possible sleep apnea. My blood pressure was slightly elevated, parts of my throat looked swollen, I had many sinus and nasal problems, my jaw was sore and popped from clenching my teeth, and the most obvious symptom was feeling tired after a full night’s sleep.

Get the good night's rest you deserve with Serenity calming blend essential oil.
Get the good night’s rest you deserve with Serenity calming blend essential oil.

She’s a mind reader, I thought. The conversation did get me thinking about my symptoms and sleep patterns and wondered if I was a candidate for a sleep apnea study. Strangely, my medical Doctor wondered the same thing six months prior, because of my constant complaints of fatigue and malaise. But before I rang my Doctor’s office to get a long and complicated referral, I decided to try an essential oil that may help me sleep better.

As a side note, it’s interesting. I didn’t think I needed an essential oil to help me sleep, because quite frankly I can usually sleep. Feeling sleepy and falling asleep isn’t a problem for me. At any rate, after the Dentist visit I decided to try doTERRA®’s Serenity essential oil blend. Friends said it was possible to get a peaceful and relaxing sleep by placing a couple of drops on the bottom of the feet before bedtime each night.

That night, lights went out and I fell asleep – again, really no big deal for me. But, in the morning I noticed a huge difference. I felt as like I actually slept well. Yes! I noticed a pleasant difference. My body finally got that much needed deep sleep and you know what? I had more energy in the day and didn’t need to take my usual 1:30 p.m. afternoon nap. Unbelievable!

I pieced this together from my Dentist and using a drop or two of Serenity essential oil each night. There isn’t anything wrong, by the way, of being part of a sleep apnea study or wearing a CPAP machine. Many patients have gained positive, life changing results, but if I’m able to avoid a CPAP machine and still get a good night’s rest without the time and humiliation of going through a sleep study, I’ll take it. Truly the results are amazing and for pennies I get a restful, satisfying sleep, actually just 12 cents a drop!

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