Introduction to Essential Oils

What’s the Mystery?

Essential oils are nothing more than natural compounds found in plants. Seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of aromatic plants are used to make essential oils. Simply, if you’ve ever smelled the peel of a lemon, you are experiencing the fragrant aroma of essential oils.

Probably one of the most used purposes of essential oils was for its fragrance and perfume quality. However, essential oils have been used throughout history in many cultures for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Today, there has been a revival of essential oils for its health rewards.  Many beauty isle products that adorn big-box store shelves promote the cleansing and healing benefits of tea tree oil (melaleuca) and the calming spirits of lavender, but be careful. While these products may smell similar to these two common essential oils, most likely they are nothing more than synthetic perfume manufactured to smell like something familiar.

Creating beautiful aromatically pleasant fragrances with concentrated medicinal values is a craft only Mother Nature can master. The mystery is in it’s fragrance and healing power but not in your selection. Keep it simple and natural. Use only the purest essential oils on earth. dōTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® (CPTG) essential oils are safe and 100% natural, preservative and pesticide free, and never diluted with commonly used oils of lesser quality. Frankly, they are the only oils I’d considering using for my family or myself.

Learn More About Essential Oils

Single Essential Oils

Wild Orange Essential Oil

Bright and Refresh

Wild Orange essential oil can be used aromatically (A), topically (T), and internally (I). This means you can receive it’s benefits by inhaling it’s sweet fragrance, applying it to the skin or even putting it in a tall glass of unsweetened ice tea. It’s super safe to use on the skin with no dilution or as the more educated and essential oil wise say, “neat”. dōTERRA®’s Wild Orange essential oil comes from the rinds of oranges grown in citrus groves all the way from the Dominican Republic. Main uses are emotional and immune support and promoting a happy and relaxed feeling. This blissful natural remedy eases anxiety, anger, depression and even insomnia. Partners well with the calming properties of Lavender. Diffuse or apply to the feet for elevated mood enjoyment. Avoid sun exposure for 12 hours after topical use or it will alter the pigmentation of the skin, making it darker in appearance.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Cool and Invigorate

One of dōTERRA®’s most popular essential oils, peppermint is loved by almost everyone for its minty smell and refreshing qualities. You may use aromatically (A), topically (T), internally (I), and should be diluted with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil on young children or those with sensitive skin. It’s cooling sensation is wonderful for fever, pain and hives; apply directly to the skin to alleviate any discomfort. Other key uses are digestive distress and respiratory issues. Peppermint is a popular member of the allergy trio blend – Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint, and find’s its home in many baking recipes. A wintertime favorite for me is a tiny drop in hot cocoa or tea. Be careful! Peppermint will sting the eyes or other sensitive areas. Please avoid contact.

Lavender Essential Oil

Cherished and Calming

For thousands of years Lavender has been cherished for it’s aroma and therapeutic properties. It’s undoubtedly the most popular and all-time favorite essential oil. Known and widely used for it’s calming properties, dōTERRA®’s Lavender essential oil is used to induce sleep, reduce blood pressure, lessen anxiety, and when topically applied to many skin irritations and wounds like burns, cuts, insect bites and rashes it reduces irritation and promotes healing. It’s very safe to use on young children and can be used in a diffuser aromatically (A), applied topically to the skin without a carrier oil (T), and even can be taken internally (I). Internal use, like a drop or two under the tongue, expedites it’s precious antihistamine properties and is one of my favorite uses for seasonal allergies and/or sudden allergic reactions.

Melaleuca Essential Oil

Skin’s First Aid

Melaleuca, commonly known as tea tree oil, is another popular and widely used essential oil across homes today. It’s considered first aid for the skin, so it’s commonly used for skin blemishes, cuts, insect bites and rashes. It’s medicinal, antibacterial, antiseptic, antimicrobial and fungicide properties make it a wonderful “go-to” oil for immune support. Simply gargle with water and swallow for a sore throat. Use it to help fight cold, flu, measles and other nasty and unwanted viruses. Great for it’s ability to kill fungal infections like athlete’s foot and nail fungus, just apply to feet and toenails after showering, swimming or working out. Safe to be used aromatically (A), topically (T), and internally (I).

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Lively and Clean

My first experience of Eucalyptus was in my late teens and early twenties finding it popular in home decor stores, dried, and mainly used in wreaths and potpourri. Taking one step into the store, you knew what hit you. Trust me; using dōTERRA®’s Eucalyptus essential oil is a much more pleasant smelling and certainly a more beneficial experience than the one you will find in a decorating store. It’s popularly used for respiratory relief from allergies, cough, runny nose and asthma. Eucalyptus’ natural gifts don’t stop there; use it topically on wounds and joint/muscle pain for relief. It also provides a refreshing relief for exhaustion and mental sluggishness. Enjoy it’s aromatic qualities in a warm bath, which is my favorite use, and feel revived. Along with Peppermint, it can be used as a fever reducer; apply to feet and ankles. Cold sores and dust mites don’t stand a chance against this quiet but mighty force. Cold sores can be reduced in days by applying it to the affected area and add it to a load of laundry soap, about 20 drops, to rid your bedding, linens, and draperies of dust mites. Safe to be used aromatically (A) and topically (T). It is not recommended to be used internally.

Lemon Essential Oil

Bright and Fresh

Lemon has a bright and citrusy scent and is cold-pressed from fragrant lemon rinds to preserve its delicate nature and potent properties. It is a favorite oil for many users and has several benefits supporting systems like immune, emotional and digestive to name just a few. Lemon essential oil is a favorite for respiratory support and when paired with Lavender and Peppermint it is known as the allergy trio. You can take it internally with daily water as an antioxidant and detoxifier, use it in a room to neutralize odors and elevate mood or use it as a cleaner on kitchen counters and stainless steel appliances. The possibilities are endless! dōTERRA® Lemon essential oil is safe for aromatic (A), topical (T) and internal (I) use.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Ancient Oil

When in doubt, use Frankincense! It is like a medicine cabinet in a bottle and practitioners’ favorite for its many emotional and physical health benefits. Frankincense essential oil was highly prized in the ancient world for its fragrant and medicinal properties. It is highly versatile in uses and benefits and can be blended with other essential oils for improved results. You can use Frankincense essential oil aromatically (A)  for improved concentration and relaxation and topically (T) on skin for improved wound healing and appearance to scars and stretch marks.  Frankincense essential oil can even be used internally (I) for strengthening immune system and reducing inflammation.

Essential Oil Blends

Serenity Essential Oil Blend

Calming Blend

In correct proportion essential oil blends can be more effective than individual oils. Serenity is a blend composed of individual oils with known calming properties, which create a sense of well-being and relaxation. Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, and Hawaiian Sadalwood essential oils and vanilla bean create a calming and renewing fragrance. Serenity Calming Blend is safe for (A) aromatic and (T) topical use. It’s subtle aroma is ideal for diffusing. Applied to the bottom of the feet at bedtime, dōTERRA®’s Serenity is an excellent way to promote restful sleep. Applied to the neck and lymph nodes helps reduce anxiety, tension and stress. Added to a relaxing warm bath, Serenity creates the perfect escape with its lovely peaceful fragrance.


CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® is a registered trademark of dōTERRA Holdings, LLC

dōTERRA® is a registered trademark of dōTERRA Holdings, LLC

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